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Bop Kabbalah+Voices

In 2018 I received a grant from Brooklyn Arts Council to help launch a new project called Bop Kabbalah+Voices: New Radical Yiddish Liberation Songs. The grant supports the creation and performance of new settings of Yiddish labor songs and poems from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Those texts about the fight against capitalism – for a truly just and equitable world – are defiant, courageous and prescient, resonating loudly in 2018.

The performances feature an expanding roster of musicians: the premiere was a series of duets with Judith Berkson and myself; and the second concert featured duets with Judith and a trio with Judith and Sara Serpa. There’s more to come this fall, so stay tuned! Here’s a video of Judith and I performing Tsum Hemerl in January at our first concert.