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Citerman/Watanabe Duo

Masters&Pelavin Citerman+Watanabe2

Citerman/Watanabe Duo at Mas­ters & Pelavin, Tribeca, NYC. ©2011 Cheryl Pelavin

My old friend Kaoru Watan­abe and I began our musi­cal col­lab­o­ra­tions sev­eral decades ago when we were grow­ing up in St. Louis, MO and then re-located to New York City. After many years of play­ing infor­mally and in pri­vate set­tings, we began per­form­ing in pub­lic in early 2009. Our com­bined expe­ri­ence play­ing both com­posed and impro­vised music that delves into jazz, mod­ern clas­si­cal, tra­di­tional Japan­ese and Jew­ish music, and beyond, gives our sound a broad, expan­sive palette. The music is at times del­i­cate, pen­sive, fero­cious, tex­tural, rhyth­mi­cally intri­cate and full of the unexpected.